Wednesday, May 2

More Men

All of a sudden, another hand grabs me by the hair, turns my face to the side and impales my mouth on a huge cock that goes so deep it tickles my tonsils. I didn’t even have the time to breathe in!

‘Oh yeah, baby, yeah,’ I hear him moaning. He is moving my head back and forth and rocking his pelvis too, obviously panning to cum into my mouth. I catch a moment and take a deep breath with a loud gasp.

‘Film it, film it! Move her hair to the side! Let some of it leak out!’ orders Jack. Billy’s camera is staring at us with its one lifeless eye, capturing every moment, filming me struggling to swallow the whole of this huge load of cum. Quite expectedly, I fail, cough and some jizz comes gushing out of my mouth. Unoccupied men are back to fingering my pussy.

Tuesday, April 10

How Did I Fuck My Fitness Mate

Finally, the weekend has come. While Rolf is busy polishing his car, I decided to hit the gym with my friend Catherine. I throw my stuff into the bag and run out as soon as I hear her car's horn blaring under my bedroom window. 

Catherine is a smoking hot brunette, sassy and naughty. Although I am not a lesbian, as I see Catherine pushing the bars with her legs wide open in her tiny shorts with no panties and her shorts are wet and sweat I run away to take a cool shower.

Of course, Catherine doesn't miss the chance to follow me and to rub my back... my breasts... my booty... and everything else!

Tuesday, March 20

Rolf’s Huge Dick And His Hammer Drill Made Me Crazy!

‘Oh yeah, yeah!’ Rolf came very fast – but his cock didn’t get any softer! I felt myself filled to the brim with his hot juice. He pulled his cock out of me, examined it with a satisfied smile on his face and then lubed it up with his sperm and my pussy juice.

‘Your ass is waiting for me, isn’t it? That thing in your pussy made your ass feel envious, didn’t it?’

He spat onto my anus and drove that love spear of his into my butt balls deep. Even having penetrated me as deep as he could, he kept on pushing his thing even further softly.

Thursday, March 1

Retribution for Naivety

I had to do something to pay Rofl's father back, so I asked the guards to take my husband away. Rofl nodded and walked out. I was to become a toy for sating men's lust and there was no way out! The guards followed Rofl out and his father turned his attention to me. Sex was the only thing I was confident about. Still the old man's huge dick penetrated me without any preludes while I was still tight and dry with fear and bitterness. I groaned and Rofl's father replied with a moan of pleasure as he put me down on my knees and jammed his dick into my mouth.

Thursday, February 1

My Cutie Catherine!

This time I pay a visit to my hot friend Catherine. I know exactly what Catherine wants, but this time I'm gonna be a Mistress. After some nice prelude with a massage oil I star to play rough. I spend some time giving Catherine a deep foot-fucking. Then a stick four buzzing vibrators down Catherine's pussy and anus and start fucking her with a huge strap-on. Whipping her tits and clit. Catherine must give in if she hopes I will allow her to reach an orgasm at least.

Wednesday, December 13

Meet the Fuckers!

Those magical moments of deepthroating… I love it when all of my holes are filled with hard meat! Every little move of my body triggers pleasant little explosions in my pussy, throat and ass. Every thrust of one of these cocks makes the others move too so that I can’t quite understand who is fucking me the hardest. I try to focus on my sensations and compare it but it doesn’t work. I only get more excited!

Wednesday, October 18

Nicole Heat Loves Bukkake!

I thought the script was for me to get naked and turn on the guys masturbating myself for them to watch, but I ended up covered in cum and heard Jack screaming: "Now let the other guys have their share".

Jack fetches a vibrator for me, reminds me about the script and makes the first group of men back off. I get down on my back and insert the vibrator's tip into my twitching anus slowly, the toy is stuck very deep inside me. I can no longer keep myself in, so I give in another orgasm.

The guys are creaming my ass and my back, then back off letting others shoot their loads unto me. I feel cum flowing all over my body and down along my hips.